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Message Center provides the most popular virtual call answering services online that is designed a round you from the ground up.





Most asked comnon questions.

 We will do all the hard part for you and talk you through the process. We will ask you for all the information we require and explain to you how to divert your phones calls. From then on, you can use our service as you require and our support teams will be on hand if you have any queries.

Our registration process takes only a few moments, and we actively encourage using our website that will set up your account for you, but if you like to chat with use we can also set you up over the phone.

We normally ask for 24 hours, however, if it is extremely urgent, we will do our very best to be fully operational within two hour.

You can change your script as often as you like within reason, and it’s free to do so.

No. You can have as many contacts as you wish. In order to provide a professional service, we advise that you keep us up to date with new starters

We are happy to capture and relay any information that you wish.

Our standard opening hours are 9am-5pm  GMT Monday to Friday, and 6am to 4pm EST USA and  6am to 4pm EST Canada.

Yes,  please ask for more information.

Our initial period we ask for is just one calendar month.

Yes but we do need to talk to you about this over the phone to set this up.

Message center UK runs different bands all under one business, but we centralise our customer support under our main brand message center and billing and setup runs in partnership with stripe.com and are subscription store, if you ahve any questions about this please feel free to call use and one of our team will be happy to help you with this.


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